Storm Water Drainage Services

The City of St. Albert operates, maintains and repairs the City's storm water drainage infrastructure.  The City's storm infrastructure is comprised of 3,500 catch basins, over 3,000 storm manholes, open water channels, underground swales, storm water conveyance pipes, storm water outlets, 11 storm water management ponds, storm water quality improvement devices including 40 outfalls and 10 oil and grit interceptors to remove oil, sand and contaminants before the water enters the Sturgeon River, storm water control structures to regulate discharge velocities to the receiving environment and shallow storm mains.  The City also performs recording of precipitation and infiltration and inflow of rainwater into the sanitary system for the purposes of reducing the unnecessary water volume having to be treated.

Services Provided

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Sump Pump Program

The City of St. Albert provides a seasonal program which runs approximately from mid-May until mid-August of each year, where homeowners can enter a cost share agreement to have their sump pump discharge lines extended to the curb.  Interested residents can contact Public Works to arrange for an assessment and quotation from our seasonal Engineering staff.

Environmental Management System (EMS) / ISO14001

The City of St. Albert has developed and now utilizes its own environmental management system for its Utilities department.  This program was completed in 2012 and Public Works is now certified through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO14001).  For more information please visit the ISO 14001 Environment Management page.

24 Hour Water and Wastewater Emergency Contact:      780-458-2020