Lacombe Lake Dog-Friendly Park

Lacombe Lake Dog-Friendly Park is a capital project that has been approved by City Council.  In order to design the park that best meets the needs of the dog park users and other users of the park, a volunteer advisory committee was struck to provide design advice to City administration.  This committee will recommend a design for the park utilizing design criteria developed in conjunction with the City.

Dog-Friendly Park Design Criteria

Funding Total funding available - $100,000
Amenities Provide amenities to enhance the dog and owner's experience in the dog park, within approved project budget, and ensure those amenities do not negatively impact non-dog owners using the park.
Design Requirements

Reduce negative interactions between dogs and trail users

Aesthetically pleasing

Positive community response

Project Information

  • September 2012 Update: All plantings are complete along the west side of the lake, and the picnic tables and benches have been installed around the park. The final installation to complete the project is the installation of a shelter with benches that will be located on the west side of the trail on the west side of the lake. The purpose of this shelter is to provide a gathering spot for dog owners and their dogs.
  • Park Signage: Site specific community orientated signage is currently being developed in-house and is expected to be installed in the summer/fall of 2012.
  • Additional Park Infrastructure:  Two additional benches, three additional picnic tables and other amenities will be installed in summer 2012.  A shelter for the north west corner of the site is being sourced and will be installed this year.               

Thank you to all dog owners for using the dog waste bag dispensers, part of a pilot project, in Lacombe Lake Dog-Friendly Park. Through your positive feedback, the City of St. Albert is installing 40 dispensers throughout St. Albert located in areas that are used regularly by dog walkers as well as in high traffic locations where garbage cans are emptied on a regular basis. Click here for a map of current locations.

The project, with the dog waste bag dispensers decorated in a unique dog motif, helps support responsible pet ownership and helps to maintain a clean and beautiful city.

Contact Margo Brenneis at 780-418-6005 or for more information.