Fleet Management

The City of St. Albert maintains a wide variety of vehicles and pieces of equipment which includes ambulances and firetrucks as well as lawn mowers and snow plows. 

To contact this department please call Public Works at 780-459-1557.


  • Acquisition, management and disposal of vehicles and equipment for various departments including Fire Services, Police Services, Public Works, Transit, Engineering, Corporate Services and Business & Tourism.
  • General maintenance, preventative maintenance and inspections to any piece of equipment and vehicle.
  • Provide safe, reliable vehicles and equipment.

Fleet Facts

  • Each year Public Works is responsible for over 600 pieces of equipment and vehicles.
  • Every unit maintained by Public Works goes through at least 1 full inspection per year.

Fleet News

Environmental Initiatives

  • Idle Free St. Albert
    In 2008, St. Albert City Council passed the Idle-Free Bylaw which prohibits the idling of a vehicle for more than three minutes in a 30-minute period between the temperatures of 0ºC and 30ºC. St. Albert is proud to be the first municipality in the Capital Region to pass such a provision.

    For more information on helping to make St. Albert Idle Free please visit www.stalbert.ca/idle-free-st-albert