Compost Depot

The City of St. Albert operates an unmanned compost depot for residents to dispose of large amounts of yard waste in a convenient and environmentally friendly way.  Please abide by all signage and dispose of plastics and other inorganic material at the provided waste receptacles.

Reminder: Material from Contractors Prohibited

Please note that the Compost Depot does NOT accept material from commercial yard/lawn care companies.  Materials will only be accepted from residents/home owners of St. Albert. Proof of ID may be required.  For questions please contact Public Works at 780-459-1557.


The City of St. Albert's Compost Depot is located three kilometers west of St. Albert Trail on Villeneuve Road

Hours of Operation

7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., seven days a week.

Accepted Items

The Compost Depot accepts the following material:

All yard waste                                          
Leaves, hay, straw                                        
Diseased branches/trees
Grass clippings
Wood chips

Items NOT accepted

The Compost Depot does NOT accept he following material:

Vegetable and fruit scraps                        
Animal feces
Fish, poultry, bones
Treated or preserved wood
Fats, greases or oils
Ashes, charcoal
Coffee grounds, tea bags , bread scraps
Non-organic materials(such as plastic bags)
Dairy products

Many of the items above can now be accepted in the curbside organics program.  For more information, please visit the Curbside Organics section.

For more information on our Compost Depot please contact the following:

Phone: 780-459-1557