St. Albert Bylaws

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Sturgeon County and City of St. Albert

The Intermunicipal Development Plan, approved by both Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert in 2001 to outline a coordinated and cooperative framework for managing the use and development of lands adjacent to the boundary of St. Albert, within Sturgeon County, was repealed by Sturgeon County in June 2010. However, the City of St. Albert continues to refer to IDP Bylaw 7/2001 for future plan and development referrals as it contains a level of detail to guide intermunicipal planning that is not contained in the Capital Region Board Growth Plan or Sturgeon County’s Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw.

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) Bylaw 7/2001
 Land Use Bylaw

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      Land Use Bylaw - Part 11 - Mixed Use Land Use Districts

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      Land Use Bylaw - Schedule F - Grandin Building Heights

Master Rates Bylaw 1/82 - Rate Schedules for Various Municipal Services

      Schedule A - Building Permit Fees, Lot Grading & Street Cleaning Levy

      Schedule B - Plumbing Permit Fees
      Schedule C - Gas Permit Fees
      Schedule E - Development Fees
      Schedule F - Subdivision and Development Appeal Fees
      Schedule G - Planning Fees
      Schedule H - Water Service Connection Fees
      Schedule N - Assessment Appeals
      Schedule S - HVAC Permit Fees
      Schedule T - Electrical Fees

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Municipal Historic Resources Juneau House Bylaw 14/2009
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Municipal Historic Resources Little White School House Bylaw 15/2009
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Municipal Historic Resources Alberta Grain Company Grain Elevator 16/2009 52 KB
Municipal Historic Resources Alberta Wheat Pool Grain Elevator 17/2009
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Municipal Historic Resources Cunningham House and Hogan Farm House 18/2009 56 KB
Municipal Historic Resources St. Albert Place Bylaw 26/2009

Municipal Historic Resources White Spruce Forest Bylaw 31/2011
Natural Gas Franchise Agreement Bylaw 45/2010
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Offsite Levy Bylaw 30/2013 
             - 2011 Annual Update

             - 2013 Offsite Levy Rate Update

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Procedure Bylaw 35/2009
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Residential Solid Waste Management Bylaw 24/2011
Sanitary Sewer Bylaw 33/2001
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Standing Committee on Finance Bylaw 9/2010
Storm Sewer Bylaw 6/2003 fees
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Tobacco Retail Licensing Bylaw 20/96

Traffic Bylaw 18/2005

Transit Bylaw 34/87  
Transportation System Bylaw 10/2008
Water Bylaw 5/2001