FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   |  January 8, 2013

Mayor proclaims January 14 as Founders' Day

St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse and City Council proclaimed January 14 as Founder’s Day, in honour of the day St. Albert Mission was founded by Father Albert Lacombe and Bishop Alexandre Taché in 1861.

On November 26, 2012, Council approved the Founder’s Day Policy to ensure future councils and the community will celebrate Founder’s Day in an annual tradition on January 14.

“St. Albert is a thriving community that is looking ahead to a prosperous future while rooted in, and proud of, its history and tradition,” says Mayor Nolan Crouse. “By creating a policy to mark Founder’s Day, St. Albert is affirming its gratitude to our founders and forefathers, including the Métis and First Nations peoples who were the earliest settlers in the area that came to be St. Albert.”

On or around January 14, 1861, Father Lacombe and Bishop Taché founded the St. Albert Mission when, on their way back to Fort Edmonton from Lac Ste. Anne, they stopped at the top of Mission Hill, where Bishop Taché planted his walking stick in the ground, gave his approval for a new mission and named it St. Albert.

From a population of 700 in 1870, St. Albert Mission became a Village in 1900; a Town in 1904 and a City in 1977.

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